We are a manufacturer and exporter of all Meat from Ukraine. Manufacturing means observing, controlling, testing and making sure of the smooth and regular supply of the Meat from Ukraine.

Our reputation is more valuable than our money!

As Meat Ukraine, we put our reputation above everything we have. So please regard us as your potential long term partner. We sincerely look for close relationships that last for a long time. We look for only one distributor in each country. We truly hope that you have the necessary wish and determination in selling and distributing Ukrainian Meat in your country.

Business Mentality

Please note carefully: Ukrainian manufacturers do “never” have the necessary experience and capability for the export. In spite of the fact that the Soviet Union is collapsed and Ukraine is in a fight with Putin’s Russia; the Soviet mentality has not yet faded away from the business climate of the country. In this framework, relying on a company that is not aware of the differences between free world (open society) and the Soviet style business premises of Ukraine might turn out to bring calamities in business. This is the fundamental reason why we as “Meat Ukraine” are successful. We know both mentalities. We know sensitivities. We know all details in both perceptions.

How to order Ukrainian Meat?

The only thing you need to do is to contact one of our specialists. Please send an email to the email address mentioned in our website, call the number mentioned in our website or use any other means of communication that you feel is convenient for you. Please take in mind that we try to use all other online channels including Skype, Viber, WhatsApp…etc. Finally, detailed information exist in our website.